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SUV Buying Guide 2005
SUV Buying Guideby: Lara Santiago, Gil Zafra

As one of the trendiest elements of current American culture, the modern Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is becoming more of a symbol of status and less of a utilitarian mode of transportation. With its rising popularity, the SUV has cornered the auto sales market and forced automakers to rethink their products and marketing strategies. Keeping up with the rising demand, traditionally high-end brands have developed models that can effectively vie for a share of the profits. Here are some of the top SUV models for the year 2005.

Hybrid SUVs

More Hybrid SUVs in 2005
by: Jenny McLane

It is common knowledge among car enthusiasts and car owners that the bigger the vehicle, the bigger the amount of fuel it consumes. With this in mind, several automobile producers have begun diverting a big chunk of their efforts to producing more hybrid 4x4s in the year 2005.
Sports Utility Vehicle

SUVs vs. Minivans: Making The Right Choice
by: Tom McKnight

Has your family started to cram into the old sedan like a pack of sardines? Have members of the neighborhood car pool begun to look suspiciously at your battered station wagon? Perhaps it’s time to retire the old family car and move up to a bigger vehicle.

Drivers of SUVs Saving Big Money with Diesel Engines
by: ARA Content

(ARA) - Half of all American vacationers on the road this year are driving gas guzzling SUVs and pickup trucks, according to a new survey on driving habits from research firm MarketFacts. These bigger vehicles burn high amounts of fuel, which not only puts a dent in drivers' wallets, but also increases the country's dependence on foreign oil. Ironically, the MarketFacts study shows that fuel economy is an important issue for SUV and pickup drivers.

According to automotive experts, standard gasoline engines can't efficiently handle the weight of the larger -- and very popular -- SUVs and pickup trucks. There is an alternative, however, for drivers of big vehicles to consider: diesel engines.

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