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Important Teens Voices On Traffic Safety

Well, not only are the voices and insights of teenagers when it comes to traffic safety important. Their voices and views are just about to be heard. They may be known as accident-prone drivers; however, not all teenagers are like this. Most of them are aware of how to be part of the whole traffic safety scheme.

Starting this week, teenagers from the United States are invited to log on to www.

SafetyScholars.com. And when they are at that, they can also submit essays on various driver safety issues. And if the organizers do like their view and their insights on traffic safety and driver safety, they would be getting a whopping $2,500 on college scholarships. Other prizes waiting teens with a good vision include new laptop computers, sets of Bridgestone Firestone tires, as well as $500 gas cards.

This whole program was actually launched by the Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire, LLC along with the legendary racer Mario Andretti. The event happened during the start of the National Tire Safety Week. Together, Bridgestone and Andretti, has developed a comprehensive program which aims to educate young drivers on tire and driver safety.

Andretti says, "Car accidents are the leading killer of teens in this country.

Teens are just learning to drive and face many distractions, so they're at a very high risk for accidents. We want to help teens learn good, safe habits from the beginning.Our hope is our Safety Scholars program will help us find the best way to get all teens to hear this important message."

To add to this, John Gamauf, the president of consumer tire replacement sales of Bridgestone, says, "Tires are the only things connecting your vehicle to the road, so, as a tire company, Bridgestone Firestone strives to educate drivers on how essential tire safety is. Beyond that, we are parents and grandparents and community members who are deeply committed to keeping all drivers safe on the roads at all times. We're excited to be adding Safety Scholars to the array of driver safety and education programs and initiatives that our family of companies developed or sponsors, from Buckle Up Baby to Car Care Academies to Driver's Edge.


Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.


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By: Kimberly Meyer

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Important Teens Voices On Traffic Safety - Well, not only are the voices and insights of teenagers when it comes to traffic safety important.

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