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As the number of automobiles continues to expand globally, the growth of the auto parts industry has also been exponential.Auto parts can be broadly divided into two categories--original and duplicate. One should usually use original auto parts, as they are more reliable, durable and safe. Unbranded, locally manufactured or duplicate auto parts could prove to be a safety hazard. Most of the automobile companies provide the original parts for their products if they need to be replaced.

Some auto parts are covered by warranties; some are not.There are showrooms, shops, online stores and your neighborhood mechanic--all of them are capable of providing various types of auto parts. There are certain auto parts which have a very short life; the others have comparatively long life. Certain auto parts are difficult to find, as they are used in those models whose production was discontinued by companies.

Generally, even after discontinuing production of a particular model, the car manufacturers try to ensure that auto parts are available for them, at least for the next few years.The market for auto parts has been expanding at a very rapid pace. There are retail as well as wholesale markets for these parts in almost every big town or city.

Many auto parts are available in gas stations, especially those along major highways. It is always better to get an auto part fitted by a qualified, well-trained and certified mechanic. Also, one must be careful about the "life" of an auto part.

You must get certain crucial auto parts in your vehicle checked at regular intervals, even if they are not malfunctioning. Some auto parts should be kept as "spares" in your vehicle, especially if you are going for a long drive beyond the city limits.

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By: Jason Gluckman

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