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Much like food, a book is best enjoyed when shared. This is probably the reason why book clubs sprout everywhere - readers get to share ideas, interact with other booklovers, and best of all, get books at specially reduced prices!.Why join a book club? One reason is social interaction. It can't be any more obvious ? a book club is every bookworm's party.As a member or moderator, you can openly express your opinions, likes, and dislikes about a particular book that the club has agreed to read together.

In some instances, you might even be introduced to the author of the book and get firsthand information on his or her reasons for writing it, clarify some sketchy areas, and even get the latest buzz on possible sequels.Joining a book club likewise allows you to meet different kinds of people, because it is generally open to everyone ? people of different ages, social backgrounds, etc. If you attend regularly enough, you will begin to meet people with the same interests as yours.There are book clubs that specialize in certain genres of literature, such as classical, mystery, movie books, or romance.Join these 'specialized' types if you are more discriminating ? you can form new friendships, meet more prospective clients, and maybe even find love!.Also, book clubs are often sponsored by publishers and book marketing groups, so members are usually given hefty discounts (as much as 50% off!) and early access to the newest and most sought-after releases.

You can also borrow and exchange books with either the club itself (if it has its own collection) or with the other club members.Finally, joining a book club can inspire you to go back to reading (if you are not yet a bookworm) or be even more passionate about books (if you already are). Here you can challenge yourself to read between the lines, grasp literature by its roots, and open your mind to new ideas. Joining a book club will let you rediscover the simple joys of reading ? the joy of smelling paper, of opening an unread book for the very first time, and of totally immersing yourself in what it has to offer.Ready to join a book club? Use the Internet to search for one in your area, or check the Yellow Pages. Happy reading!.

.Book Clubs provides detailed information on Book Clubs, Book of the Month Clubs, Book Club Questions, Audio Book Clubs and more. Book Clubs is affiliated with Christian Book Stores.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_Emerson.


By: Peter Emerson

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