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Important Features To Consider When Buying Car Covers

You've worked for years to save enough to buy that special car. And there it is, sitting in the driveway, all shiny and new. You stand back to admire it.then the unthinkable happens, you see a bird in the tree right above your new baby.

Whew, that was a close call. The bird is gone and left no souvenirs to harm the paint. That was close, a little too close.

Good thing you are going out to buy a cover for your car tomorrow. Tonight you cover it with blankets (new ones, of course) and hope nothing terrible happens. There are a variety of car covers. One of the first things you need to consider is if you will be need protection from outside and the elements, or is your car going to be comfortable stored in the garage. The reason this is important is because car covers are built for outside is going to be made to withstand UV rays, hail, rain, wind and almost anything else Mother Nature can toss at it, along with flying sticks or kicked up stones.

Where as car covers made for inside is going to do little else than protect the car from dust or small debris getting on it. Not all car covers are created equally. There are a few other things to consider when picking one out other than just inside or outside.

If you are going to store the car outdoors, check to see what kind of UV protection it offers. If too many UV rays get though the cover, the paint will loose shine and the upholstery can fade. It will damage the over all look of the car. Also, you are going to want to make sure the cover is made out of very durable material. If it rips or tears easily under the weight of snow or ice, it will most likely not do much good. Rain is another element you will want to be sure to protect against.

While complexly repelling rain is best, as long as it resists the rain may work well also. Depending on where you live, extreme temperatures will also take their toll on your car over time. Try to get car covers that will protect your car from extreme heat and cold temperatures. Also, does it protect from dust? This aspect of protection will vary depending on which cover you choose. Make sure you check this out before making your purchase. The thickness of the cover is something to consider as well.

When a piece of pea gravel is flying at your car, you want to make sure the cover is thick enough to absorb the impact. One very important thing to look for is a good warranty. Car covers can be very expensive and you want to make sure that it does what it claims.

A warranty will help you rest assured that if damage happens to your car while it is covered, you are covered. Summary: After you have purchased the car of your dreams, make sure you have enough protection for it. Car covers will go along way in protecting your new car from the elements and from debris. This is an overview of how to pick out the right cover to fit your needs.

Brooke Hayles
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