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Preventative Car Maintenance in Summer Helps to Avoid Breakdowns

Preventative car maintenance in summer months is not much different from what it takes to maintain cars in winter. In summer, you have to regularly check and maintain the mechanical components of the car to tackle the rigors of the hot summer conditions. The following tips on preventative car maintenance in summer assures you trouble less rides: The very first thing you need to take care is the cooling system. During the hotter months, the cooling system works more intensely to prevent overheating of the engine.

For the mechanism to work effectively, the coolant and water mixture for a vehicle's radiator should measure to 50:50. The next point about preventative car maintenance in summer is tire pressure. Tire pressure is important in all contexts - irrespective of whether it is for speed or for safety reasons. If you need your car's tires to last long and perform efficiently, you will need to inflate them properly. Properly pumped up tires help maintain the best possible contact with the road giving the vehicle steadiness and speed.

Inflating tires improperly, on the other hand, leads problems like punctures. Refer to your owner's manual for the ideal air-pressure for your vehicle's tire. Remember, summer heat causes the pressure within the tire to rise; hence, you will be required to check the air pressure when the tires are cold.

The subsequent preventative measure for your car's maintenance involves engine oil. The owner's manual specifically mentions the best engine oil for your vehicle during hot summers. Yet, the general rule for engine oil necessitates you to use a little thick, viscous oil, which lubricates the integral parts of the engine. Next in order of importance is the car's battery.

Car batteries hardly signal failure well ahead of time. It is advisable to leave all cares of car-batteries to professionals, especially in summertime when the excessive heat causes further damage to it. Changing your car battery every three years will save you a lot of trouble. Beside these essential tips about preventative car maintenance in summer months, your cars need some lesser yet significant maintenance programs too. Replacing belts and hoses is one such car-care as is inspecting the wipers and wiper fluids. Round up your preventative car maintenance in summer time by placing an emergency kit including basic tools like flashlights, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.

inside your car. With your car ready to budge, you can hoard some rations if you are really thinking of a long journey. Placing a first-aid kit in the car will make your journey 100% safe.

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