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Regardless of the Current Gasoline Price Easy Ways to Cut Your Gasoline Bill to OR MOR

Yes ┬? I know that headline might provoke you a little bit.

That┬'s OK.

This article will show you how to cut your gas bill right now ┬? TODAY ┬? if you┬'ll simply pay attention to these tips and now begin using them.

Of course, you┬'ll probably see a few tips you might have heard before.


Because they still work, always work, and are even more important now that gas is approaching $3.50 a gallon (or more) in many places.

In fact, you might have at some point heard most of these tips before now. The real issue is ┬"Are you faithfully doing every one of these?┬"

The average person is probably not doing 1/3 of them. Remember ┬? even though some of these have a direct associated cost savings ┬? how much ┬'associated cost┬' is filling your gas tank these days?

OK ┬? let┬'s get started . and these tips are in no particular order .

1. Get your car tuned ┬?
Sure ┬? everyone tells you to do this. But have you done it? Poor tuning wastes gas. This can improve your gas mileage by 10% or more.

2. Regularly check the air pressure in your tires ┬?
Another one you┬'ve probably heard before.

The fellow who sold me my new tires told me that tires lose 2 or 3 pounds of air per month by themselves. Low air pressure wastes gas. Look on the door in your car for proper tire pressures, and keep it to the ┬'high┬' side of the range you┬'re given. This can be another 10% savings.

3. Regularly change your oil ┬?
Another one you┬'ve probably heard.

Whatever your manufacturer recommends, pay attention to it. Personally, I used to change my car┬'s oil every 3,000 miles. Once I switched to synthetic oil, I was told to increase the frequency between changes.

Also try to use synthetic oil. Rarely will your auto manufacturer say not to use synthetic oil, but be sure you understand before you begin. Synthetic oil costs more, but lasts longer, and reduces friction in your engine better. You┬'ll treat your engine better while getting higher gas mileage. In my car, now I go 6,000 miles between oil changes instead of 3,000, and enjoy all the other benefits for basically the same cost.


Carefully plan your errands ┬?
This is one tip lots of people miss, and it ties into another tip below. Basically, don┬'t run any errands that aren┬'t mandatory today. Put them off till you need to do them.

Use the phone when you can, instead of driving somewhere. Avoid high┬?traffic hours, days, and other times of congestion (see below.

) Add in errands when they are part of your regular daily commute to and from work.

5. Try to avoid rush hour ┬?
I┬'ll get some heat on this one. If your employer allows flex time, investigate that.

Otherwise, if it helps you to go to work 15 minutes early and/or leave 15 minutes ┬'later┬' ┬? do it, even if you don┬'t get paid for the time.


You can either sit in traffic, get frustrated, use your gas for nothing, and maybe even overheat your car . or you can sit like a ┬'dedicated employee┬' at work and be comfortable. This one can save you perhaps 25┬?50% of your gasoline by itself.

6. Always turn right when possible ┬?
I hadn┬'t thought of this one before I read it somewhere.

Consider that when you turn left, you sit in the turn lane and wait for a break in the traffic or the light to change. In many places you can turn right on red, and you┬'re not turning ┬'against┬' the traffic when you turn right. This tip takes some thought, but can make a significant difference in time and gas savings.

7. Try to keep your car clean ┬?
It┬'s more fun to drive when it┬'s clean, and removing all the caked on dirt makes your car ┬'slicker┬' ┬? which reduces drag by a little bit. This tip is better for appearance than big gas savings.

8. Change all your car┬'s fluids ┬?
Go to a local oil change place and tell them to change every fluid in your car ┬? not just your oil. This includes all engine fluids, radiator, transmission, axle grease, etc.

9. Read popular car magazines for even more tips ┬?
Most of the popular car magazines offer gas┬?saving tips these days. Read the front covers and tables of contents to find the best articles for you.

10. Try to drive downhill ┬?
As silly as this sounds, when possible drive downhill instead of uphill so gravity powers your car instead of gas. I tried it, and within reason you can at times make this happen. A small tip, but a tip nonetheless.

11. Don┬'t race up to stop lights and turns ┬?
I┬'m amazed every day as people who blaze past me just in time to slam on their brakes at the red light up to which I┬'m coasting or the turn I┬'m approaching. Why in the world would you speed up to a place that requires a full stop? Baffles me .


Don┬'t blast off the line ┬?
Smart people say to act like there is an egg between your foot and the gas pedal. Don┬'t race away from a stop, and don┬'t stomp on the gas pedal except to avoid an emergency situation (only if safety permits.)

13. No lead foot ┬?
This goes with #12 above.

In general, be easy on your gas pedal. Use the least amount of pressure to attain and maintain your desired speed. And try to keep a steady pressure instead pushing in, pulling back, etc.


Time the red lights ┬?
Pay attention to traffic lights from as far away as your eyes permit, and try to adjust your approach speed so you get there when it┬'s green and you don┬'t have to stop.

15. Don┬'t speed ┬?
For all the reasons you already know, as well as for safety and gas usage, don┬'t speed.

Ever. Obey all the speed limits. In general, the slower your speed, the less gas you use.

16. Don┬'t burn your clutch on hills ┬?
Your clutch is not designed to be your brake. When you burn your clutch on a hill, you trash your clutch and burn extra gas.

Also, don┬'t sit at red lights with your clutch pedal in, as that also toasts your clutch, shortening its life.

17. Don┬'t block intersections ┬?
This is mostly just decent manners, but you also create a traffic jam for everyone, wasting everyone┬'s gas ┬? not just yours.

18. Don┬'t drive 10 miles out of your way to save a penny a gallon ┬?
Think about this .

if your gas tank holds 12 gallons, is empty, and you drive all over the place looking for the best deal on gas, you save twelve cents if you find it for a penny cheaper per gallon. It costs you more than that just to find the cheaper gas.


Stay in the right (slow) lane ┬?
To keep the speeders off your tail ┬? and keep yourself safer ┬? stay in the right (outer) lane on 4┬?lane roads so the speeders can have the faster (left inside) lane.

20. Use your imagination ┬?
If you┬'ll give these tips some thought ┬? and put forth a little effort ┬? you┬'ll not only cut your gasoline bill by as much as half . you┬'ll also come up with your own ways to further reduce your costs to operate your car.

These tips WILL reduce the amount of gas you burn. Period. The rest is up to you. If you want it bad enough ┬? it┬'s here for you, and you┬'ll be able to discover other ways to save even more money once you start paying attention to these tips.

Chip Tarver


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Chip Tarver knows that you NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression. That's why he wrote "First Contact Secrets." Listen to the giants of Internet Marketing teach you how they make first contact with people they want to do business with. Just model their success and success will become yours! Learn more now at .

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By: Chip Tarver, FCS Author

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