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South Philadelphia Suburbs Good Area for a Mobile Detailing Business

The other day I was asked if in fact the South Philadelphia suburb areas would be a good place for an auto detailing business because of the high tech business parks and the many large corporations there. I agreed that it would be a good location for a mobile car wash or mobile detailing business. The gentleman stated that;.There are a lot of business parks (Wyeth, West Pharma., Quest) I want to go to these sites and service clients that work in these corporations - mobile detailing.

Yes he has located a perfect area for such a business model on the South Philadelphia Suburbs indeed and perhaps if you have been considering a mobile car wash or detailing company you should look for a similar business park area near you and you might just find a real niche there indeed..http://ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Write-a-Business-Plan-Market-Analysis&id=50466 .


com/?Business-Plan-101-How-to-Write-a-Table-of-Contents&id=50464 .Sounds like you he is good to go, why the hesitation on this, other than the rain is soaking your butts today? Free Water for the grass I guess? If you are considering starting a business of your own in the mobile detailing or mobile car wash business then perhaps you will consider this conversation and read thru these links and think about making yourself a business plan and pencil it out and if it makes sense go for it. If not you have learned a valuable lesson in planning which you can use in any business endeavor.

Consider this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.

WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs/.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Lance Winslow

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