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What Do You Call Washington DC Traffic Freeways and Mixing Bowl Typical

Have you ever been stuck on the Washington DC Freeways during a torrential down pour? Well, I have and there was at least 8 to 10 inches on the ground where all the freeways come together only a few clicks South of the Washington DC rat hole. Oh sorry did I offend you? It is hard for a retired gentleman of leisure to sugar coat reality. I am sure you understand, I like to call an ace and ace and a spade a spade you see?.Have you ever consider what you might call Washington DC Traffic, Freeways and Mixing Bowl? I have heard people call it a Fluster Cuck [sic] and others just swear about it, but while transversing the stuck cars on the road in my large Truck like Motor Home, which is way off the ground and not to worry.I thought well this is indeed quite Typical of what Washington DC is all about.

They pass a 782 Billion Dollar Transportation Bill and well this is the best they can do? Wonder where all that money is going and which lobbyist sucked off which Liberal Senator and where all that money went?.Nevertheless as a tried not to create too much wake from my truck in the flooded street knowing some poor bastard in a fuel efficient Hybrid Car might electrocute himself and fry for trying to do the right thing for the environment as a nice guy, I thought to myself who will take responsibility if he were to die? Certainly not those fine folks in government.Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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